Mobile Cashback

Users can shop without cash thanks to the key feature of Mobile Vouchers (Mobile Cashback). Lyoness applies the latest technologies while focusing on the global trend of cashless app-based purchasing to offer its members a truly innovative shopping experience.

Here is how Mobile Vouchers work

  • Use the loyalty merchant search to find the Lyoness loyalty merchant of your choice.
  • Enter your desired voucher amount via your smartphone.
  • When prompted, enter your personal PIN code to confirm the generation of the voucher.
  • Show your newly received security code of your voucher to the Loyalty Merchant for validation. Upon verification, your voucher will be redeemed and the purchase is complete.

Mobile Voucher 4 steps


The entire process, generating and redeeming the voucher, lasts a matter of seconds. After making a purchase, the Lyoness member receives a confirmation in a push message.
The cash back amount is automatically credited to the Lyoness member’s personal cash account. This account can be viewed at any time on the Lyoness website in the online office under the menu “My Purchases”.


Customer data security and privacy are very important to Lyoness. For this reason, the user must confirm each generated voucher with his or her PIN code. The security code the user receives is then valid for 15 minutes. If the security code expires, the user can quickly and easily request a new one.

Mobile Vouchers can be paid for using Lyoness Store Vouchers and Loyalty Vouchers
Mobile Voucher