This is MTERM on Tablet

Here you find Step-by-Step-Tutorials for every function on your tablet.

Go to:

  1. Collect Cashback
  2. Become a loyal customer
  3. Allocate Cashback Card
  4. Registration
  5. Cancel Purchases
  6. Redeeming Deals/Vouchers
  7. Settings

Collect Cashback

1 3 4
Scan Cashback Card or enter in the Member-ID. Enter the amount, optionally a reference number and confirm with “Save”. The purchase was registered successfully.

Become a loyal customer

1 3
Scan Cashback Card or enter the Member-ID. Switch to “Register loyal customer”. Accept the agreement to disclose data and enter your PIN. Your registration as loyal customer was successfully.

Allocate Cashback Card

1 2 3
Scan Cashback Card or enter the Member-ID. Switch to “Allocate Cashback Card” and scan a new/empty Cashback Card. The new Cashback Card is ready for use.


2 3 4 5
Tap on “Register now”. Scan new/empty Cashback Card. Enter your personal data correctly. Enter your personal data correctly.
6 7 8
Confirm, that the entered details are correct. Accept the GTC and the Privacy Policy. The registration was successful and the Cashback Card is allocated.

Cancel purchases

1 2 3 4
Tap on the “statistic-icon” on the right-top side. Choose a purchase. Now there are all details of the chosen purchase listed. Go on with “Cancel Purchase”. Finally choose a reason for cancelling and confirm with “Cancel Purchase”.

Redeeming Deals/Vouchers

Screenshot_2015-05-28-11-17-30 Screenshot_2015-05-28-11-17-12 Screenshot_2015-05-28-11-17-23
Enter your voucher/deal-data or press the green button for scanning your deal/voucher. On “Enter Cashback” you can optionally fill in the remainder. Your deal/voucher is redeemed.


Screenshot_2015-05-28-11-11-55 Screenshot_2015-05-28-11-12-03 Screenshot_2015-05-28-11-12-11 Screenshot_2015-05-28-11-12-19
Go to “Settings” by tapping on the icon with the three points. MTERM is able to switch automatically to the registration mode. Here you can chose your prefered scan area. You can change your password too.