MTERM Manuals

Here are Step-by-Step Tutorials for every function on your smartphone and tablet.

Please choose your device for specific instructions.
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Here you can find our Frequently Asked Questions and their answers about the MTERM-App.

pdfHere you can view our Manual for the Commissioning of Lyoness MTERM. (With “Right click – Save link as” you can download this manual)

Hereinafter you can watch a video, which will help you with the Commissioning of your tablet and Lyoness MTERM.

MTERM-App in Google Play Store.

Lyoness MTERM is available for all devices with Android 4.0 or higher. You can see your installed Firmware version on your device.

There is no version for iOS and Windows 8.1. So you can’t install Lyoness MTERM on iPhone/iPad/Windows Phones.

Please check these points:

  • Please check the spelling of your login-credentials, especially on lower- and uppercase.
  • Is there a working internet connection?
  • Restart Lyoness MTERM respectively reinstall (deinstall/install) the App.
Yes, within 15 minutes after you registered a turnover, you can cancel this. Except mobile vouchers and deals.
This is a security feature for your safety. As a result, no one other can use your Lyoness MTERM.
For best results, try to get the front view of the light. You can also tilt your Cashback Card horizontal to avoid reflections. Natural light sources normally works better than artificial light.

Sometimes it can take a few seconds, before your device can read the barcode of the Cashback Card. Hold it 10-15 cm in front of the camera and vary the distance a little bit. Optionally you can also enter the Card Number manually.

Yes, go to the “Overflowmenu” (Icon with 3 points on the right-top) and tap on “Settings”. Afterwards go to “Scan area” and there you can chose between different scanning areas.
Please come to us. For best processing please add always following points to your report:

  • Your partner-ID and the ID’s of your members, with whom these errors occured.
  • When did your issue happen (date and time)?
  • How often did the issue occur?
  • Which device you are using, which softwareversion is installed and which MTERM-version)?
  • Which solution approaches have you tried?
  • Please add screenshots or videos of your problem.
  • Please add a detailed description of your problem.

We endeavour to solve and process all issues fast and efficiently.

Please reinstall Lyoness MTERM. If this doesn’t help, please have a look at the point above.