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The MTERM App – Customer Loyalty, Anytime and Anywhere

Customer loyalty with MTERM
The MTERM App, is an efficient tool that will help you participate in the Lyoness Customer Loyalty Program. The App offers numerous functions; you can access Lyoness Cashback Card Loyalty Merchants, have the ability to redeem Mobile Gift Cards, and register new Members.

Whether you use MTERM on site, or on the road – The MTERM App is always with you.
As a participant, this means you can offer the Lyoness Advantage to anyone, anywhere.


MTERM Cashback Card

Record Cashback Card transactions in seconds, with the camera on your Android Smartphone or Tablet. Scan the Cashback Card quickly and easily.

MTERM Mobile Voucher

Mobile Gift Cards – accept and redeem with the MTERM App and offer your customers the perfect shopping experience.

MTERM Sales Overview

The revenue summary will provide you with an overview of all sales (daily) and includes detailed information.

MTERM Mitgliederregistrierung

Register your new customers by using the MTERM App on a Tablet and benefit as casual shoppers become new loyal customers!

Card Pick-Up Service: Benefit even more as a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant!

Starting November 8th, 2014 there will be an additional opportunity for you to benefit as a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant. If you offer the Card Pick-Up service, Members will have the option of obtaining the Lyoness Co-branded Card directly from you with your Merchant logo on it. Every Member who takes advantage of this service will automatically become your loyalty customer.

More than just loyal customers

The Card Pick-Up service offers even more benefits for you: if a Lyoness Member registers online free of charge and does not have a Referrer, you will become their Referrer. This means you will receive up to 0.5% Direct Friendship Bonus for every Lyoness purchase made by the loyalty customer , and up to 0.5% Indirect Friendship Bonus for every purchase made by Lyoness Members subsequently registered by the loyalty customer.

Take advantage of the Solution Pack

Together with the Solution Pack the Lyoness Card Pick-Up service (loyalty customer feature) is even more valuable to you: As soon as the customer becomes YOUR loyalty customer and obtains their Cashback Card, you can add their contact details to your customer database with the help of the CRM tool which is included in the Solution Pack. You will be able to keep your customers informed and connected by using the Newsletter Tool feature which is also included in the Solution Pack. As an MTERM owner, once you start enjoying the new Lyoness world of Benefits, you will receive the Solution Pack free of charge for a whole year.

Your Benefits with the Card Pick-Up Service

• Additional service for Lyoness Members
• New loyalty customers for YOUR business
• Friendship Bonus from every Lyoness purchase made by your loyal customers
• The Co-branded Cashback Card will always remind your loyalty customer of your business

Give Lyoness Members your Co-branded Cashback Card and attract new loyalty customers for your business!

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Start Now!

Contact your regional SME Office for more information about the individual MTERM packages available for your company, without any obligation.

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Application Possibilities

Whether you‘re on the road, or using our specially designed Tablet Stand you have the ability to register Members and build a loyal customer base. The MTERM-App on the Tablet is your tool for customer loyalty, it is where you want it to be: always with the customer.

Tablet Stand

Unique Benefits

The MTERM app is an excellent marketing tool to use with the Lyoness Loyalty Customer Program and turn casual shoppers into loyal customers.
You will be amazed with the MTERM app benefits!


Start Now!

Contact your regional SME Office for more information about the individual MTERM packages available for your company, without any obligation.



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